ashley rowe: If Krysten Ritter, Aubry Plaza, ellen page, and Evan Rachel Wood had a baby.

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As an actress, Ashley has spent the last ten years honing her craft. Initially receiving a degree in Theatre Performance and Studio Art from UNC Wilmington, she participated in many student films as well as the stage productions of As You Like It and Ubu Rex during her time there.

After moving to Los Angeles, Ashley became an ongoing student at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, and has previously attended the Margie Haber Studio, The Groundlings, and completed training at Upright Citizens Brigade. She’s been featured in the web series Rollups, Keepin It 100, and stars in Aftering. You can also see her on Lifetime Movie Network’s My Crazy Ex.

In front of live audiences, she has experience as a children’s host for a renowned kid’s art company in Los Angeles, and she is also a co-creator and host of Cereal Bowl, a monthly variety show created based on the idea that artists thrive best when given community, funding, support, and snacks. You can find her there telling jokes and making friends the first Sunday of every month.

Outside of acting, Ashley is a painter, make up artist, graphic designer, social media consultant, writer, quilter, and halloween costume enthusiast. Essentially: she likes to make stuff. If you want to see what she’s making, or just watch her overshare her life, you can follow her on instagram @ashvrowe.